The Missouri Trout Fishermen’s Association was formed in 1946 by two groups of fishermen from St. Louis and Kansas City and was named the St. Louis Trout Club.

In April of 1947, the State Council was formed and the St. Louis club and the Kansas City Club evolved as separate Chapters of the MTFA under the State Council. Later on the Springfield Chapter was formed in 1972.

Community Contributions


Objects and Purposes

The objects and purposes of the Association shall be to encourage and promote interest in Trout Fishing in the State managed waters and other streams of the State of Missouri;

To further and promote the Breeding, Propagation, Improvement of the species, distribution and protection of Trout in the streams of the State of Missouri;

To further and promote the preparation, improvement, maintenance and protection of the Trout waters and all the environs of such fish in the State of Missouri;

To encourage and promote expansion of the recreational facilities and advantages incident to Trout fishing in the State of Missouri;

To generally engage in all forms of activities relative to the conservation of all forms of wildlife in the State of Missouri; and, for the enjoyment of the sociality’s incident to the recreation, sport and pleasure of Trout fishing in the State of Missouri.

Emblem & Description


The design and colors of this official emblem of the Missouri Trout Fishermen’s Association are taken from these sources:
– The White is from the Hawthorne blossom, the State Flower, emblematic of the flora of Missouri.
– The Blue is from the blue bird, the State Bird, emblematic of the fauna of Missouri.
– The Rainbow bands are from the Rainbow Trout.
– The entire central figure is an Indian symbol meaning “big fish.”